WATAN Board Leadership

Moaz Al Sibaai

Chairman and Founder : WATAN is governed by a volunteer and unpaid Board. The Board plays active role in governance, provides advice on policy, advocacy, fundraising and public relations.


Anas Al Sibaai CPA

Vice Chairman and Co-Founder.

One of WATAN founding members.

17 years of experience in finance management and audit, including being a finance manager for several years.

9 years of volunteer work.

In addition to being vice-chairman.

Focus: financial governance and compliance


Iman Ahmado

One of WATAN founding members.

23 years of work experience.

10 years of volunteer work.

Board member and responsible for WATAN network management.

Focus: WATAN Network and leader of WATAN Canada (under registration)


Abdulrahman Alhamdo

One of WATAN founding members.

10 year experience in business enterepenurship in information technology.

5 years of volunteer work in vocational training networks and managing business start-up initiatives .

Focus: growth plan and economic empowerment


Fatema Obaied

Joined WATAN in 2012.

Responsible for the education program.

Focus: Advocacy and Youth

Fateh Hawa

One of WATAN founding members.

4 years experience in legal field.

4 years of volunteer work in legal and human rights field.

Focus: Legal


Majed Salem

Joined WATAN in 2014.

12 years experience in sales, marketing and business development strategies for SME׳s.

12 years experience in volunteer work as founder, trainer and consultant for several local and international organization.

Focus: internal processes and project quality