Third Sector and Institutions Sector – WATAN



The Third Sector and Institutions are one of the key components of WATAN’s work, focusing on building the capacities of civil society organizations in various community work and philanthropy fields. Through certified international programs, WATAN aims to provide high standards of humanitarian services utilizing limited resources, with a particular focus on building decent independent civil societies capable of managing and developing their community affairs. During a brutal conflict that has displaced millions of Syrians, WATAN’s emergency response component provides training and support to partner organizations in disaster preparedness and response.

This enables them to provide immediate critical support in the aftermath of a disaster, WATAN’s program also focuses on upgrading administrative and technical practices, building staff knowledge and skills, and developing organizational structures, strategies, management, and decision-making processes. But WATAN’s impact goes far beyond the provision of humanitarian aid. As one of the foundations of the civil movement in Syria since its inception in 2011, WATAN has played a critical role in fostering the growth of civil society institutions in Syria, providing training and resources to local organizations and activists. Through its work, WATAN has helped to build networks of civil society organizations across Syria, promoting collaboration and cooperation in pursuit of common goals.

Through this sector, WATAN has been a powerful advocate for peace and non-violent change in Syria. Through its advocacy efforts, WATAN has helped to shape the discourse around the conflict, promoting a vision of a peaceful and inclusive Syria that values the contributions of all its citizens. WATAN’s focus on collaboration, cooperation, and advocacy has been instrumental in promoting a culture of peaceful coexistence and active participation in civil society institutions.


This Sector was designed to support Civil Society organisations – and the people that work in them and their beneficiaries by providing quality support programs in building capacity, and co-ordinating advocacy campaigns and development projects between different Civil Society organisations.


Institutional support

Providing comprehensive services to local Civil Society organisations including sponsorship, consultancy, advocacy, and financial support to enable Civil Society to play its natural role in building communities.

Building capacity

Building the capacity of local organisations in different fields and their employees through training and different available tools to promote their development and stability and consequently achieve their individual and collective goals.


Providing electronic platforms that support the coordination between local Civil Society groups to facilitate connections and information exchanges on an operative and managerial level.



The Sector aims to support civil society organizations and initiatives through institutional support-capacity building and coordination towards building a strong civil society that responds effectively and efficiently to humanitarian and development needs.