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WATAN is a leading Civil Society Organization delivering emergency relief, third sector support and long-term international development projects.

WATAN is committed to helping people and reviving communities. WATAN is independent, non-governmental, apolitical and nonsectarian organization.

We operate several integrated programs with the aim of addressing humanitarian emergency response and sustainable community revival through holistic and transformative approach.

We believe in the role of Civil Society in the various phases of intervention. Thus, we invest in supporting and developing Civil Society in our areas of reach. We also create platforms for coordination and integration to maximize impact on communities served.

To achieve our goal, we seek to be the preferred partner for international agencies in areas of specialization and reach.

WATAN was established formally in Turkey in 2012 building on an extensive voluntary-base community development work going back to 2006.


Our mission is to develop a sustainable, healthy and educated community, based on inclusive society that positively engages, supports and improves the lives of each individual, regardless of their gender, faith or ethnicity.

We deliver programs that rebuild lives and maintain community social cohesion by providing transformative programs in reliefs, post-conflict-peace-building, education, economic empowerment, advocacy and development of strong Civil Society.


Free and dignified world based on tolerance, respect, and social justice


To help nations heal, learn and prosper


Well run organization, innovative, strong partnerships, collaborative, always-learning, independent, committed


We put communities in the center because we know that fragmented intervention would not lead to a sustainable impact.


Creativity, Transparency, Partnership, Respect

SMT Member

Mohammed Al-Kannas
General Manager
joined WATAN in 2019, bringing extensive experience in designing and implementing development projects. He has managed over 40 local and international projects with total budgets exceeding $40 million directly. Mohammed is a member of several international development committees and holds an academic background in public and non-profit business administration. He has been serving as the CEO of WATAN since 2023 and is the originator of the multi-sectoral expansion focus on our work.
Head of Opreation
joined WATAN in 2017, bringing over 15 years of experience in IT. He is a licensed and specialized Software Engineer who has worked on reducing paperwork and automating the organization's operations, strategically steering it towards digitization. Ahmed has also enhanced field movements among work teams. He has over a decade of experience in managing operations and logistics, as well as technical affairs in non-profit organizations.
Hasan Shaheen
Head of the Turkey Mission
Hasan has been the Head of the Turkey Mission since 2023. He holds an academic background in international relations and business administration, as well as a degree in pharmacy and prestigious professional certifications in development project management. Hasan has over a decade of experience in managing humanitarian and development projects in Turkey and the Middle East and specializes in managing expansion operations and working with institutional donors.
Rula Sayed Issa
Q&C Manager
joined WATAN in 2013 and has led the Partnership Excellence department, also founding the PMO department. She currently manages the Quality and Compliance department and is a member of international specialized groups supporting civil society. Rula holds a degree in mechanical engineering, and she is a trainer and academic lecturer in enhancing partnerships and grants, with a keen interest in strengthening strategic relations with donors.
Mohammed Carroum
Finance Manger
has been the Financial Manager of WATAN since 2023. He has over 15 years of experience in financial management and accounting in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and more than 10 years in non-profit accounting. Mohammed has an academic and professional background in accounting and financial management, working according to international accounting standards (IFRS) and others.
Rami Alaswad
Legal Manager
has been with WATAN since 2013, advancing through administrative and executive positions until he became the Treasury Manager and established the Legal Affairs Department based on the "Zero-Exposure" methodology. Additionally, he serves as the organization's legal representative. Rami holds a Higher Diploma in Business Administration and professional certifications in development project management, with over 10 years of experience in managing private and public business operations.

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