Facing the Pandemic


Countries and governments, giant cities and civilized societies, highly developed health systems, all of which are almost incapable of containing the spread of Corona virus.

Thousands of health facilities, tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, and scientific laboratories, billions spent, but the number of cases is still increasing.

Here, from displacement camps or camps of pain! where the essentials are hardly existent, the health infrastructure is lacking, and means of prevention is considered as luxury.

Inside these camps, large gatherings, deadly congestion, shared facilities, endless mixing ... and lack of privacy

A small, crowded alternative homeland, whose members are scrambling for life

And based on all the above and our responsibility as a health provider towards our people, it is our duty to do our utmost and to spare no effort to be of our family's help and to provide them with all possible support in these exceptional circumstances to prevent this virus from reaching them

If it arrives ... it will be the greatest disaster.

Other Campaigns


Be Balm

Be Balm and contribute with us to introduce basic needs for them


Be part of heling hand !

Most of Syria’s IDPs are living hard conditions in this winter


You can become part of their future

By sponsoring a child, you can give them a new life


Support them to move beyond the pandemic stage



Support WATAN with your Zakat… for more than 11 million beneficiaries wince our start.


Facing the Pandemic

Help to stop the spread of COVID-19 for the people living in the hard to reach area in Syria.